Zargon is an elder evil created by the Shi'imti city of Chinalli. When he rebelled against them, the Runelords cut off his horn and cast it into the center of the world, destroying him. However, the horn soon regenerated his body, but when he became fully formed again, he found that Shi'im had already fallen.






Once restored, Zargon was enraged. He craved another chance to fight the Runelords and the other usurpers, but Zargon knew it was too late and the Runelords slumbered.

Zargon climbed the shaft created by his horn’s descent, pulling himself through the earth until he emerged centuries later to find himself beneath a massive human city. Zargon saw these creatures as soft, weak, and useless. He devoured them in awful numbers, but soon they worshiped him as a god, something he felt teh Runelords would never attain. Since his congregation was so willing to feed his hunger, he played along, killing and eating anything it gave him.

As a side effect of the cultists’ worship and the deaths of countless innocents, Zargon’s influence contaminated the land, and strange storms swept across the earth, poisoning it with brown slime. The slime bred new creatures that Zargon sought to corral and use as foot soldiers.


Zargon stands 30 feet tall from the nest of his squirming tentacles to the tip of his great black horn. One’s eyes cannot help but fall upon Zargon’s monstrous head. A wide maw filled with curving teeth stretches across his reptilian face, and oozing brown slime hangs from his chin and forms smoking clots on the hardened flesh of his torso. A 7-foot-long black horn speckled with silver flecks thrusts out from the center of his forehead, and pale yellow fluid weeps from its base. Perhaps the most disturbing thing about Zargon is the bulging bloody eye just below his horn.

The rest of Zargon’s form is no less repellent. A muscular torso bears the signs of countless injuries, crisscrossed with seeping wounds and pestilential tumors. In place of arms, Zargon has a knot of flesh at each shoulder, from which six long tentacles whip out, each with a thorny barb perfect for embedding into flesh and bone and holding victims fast.

Six thick, muscled tentacles grow from the base of his trunk, and when he moves, one or more of these appendages darts out to find purchase and drag his awfulness forward, leaving a stinking trail of bloody slime, fingers, slippery organs, and other undigested flesh wherever he travels.

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