Yunis and Helos
Yunis and Helos
Holy Symbol
Deunym ?
Home Realm adnas
Portfolio Magic, Fate, Time, the Sun
and Moon and the Natural Order
Worshipers Farmers, mages, astrologers,
Notable Temples ?
Colors Green and brown
Exarchs Ion, Ishmahri, Vgir

"That which was; will be."

Yunis and Helos are members of the Twelve Higher Gods. They are the patron deities of magic, fate, time and the natural order. They also reside over adnas, the prime material plane, and so are the patrons of farmers, astrologers and cartographers. Yunis decrees when all living things are to be born and Helos decrees when they shall die. Hares, who change their color with the season, are sacred to them. While gold is often seen as a symbol of the sun, likewise silver for the moon, the combination of the two is seen to be platinum, a metal symbolizing the combination of heavenly bodies and compromises.

They are the patron of those who wish to change their fate and as such are associated with doorways and crossroads. Wizards, and other arcanists also owe their fate-turning power to Yunis and Helos. They are the patrons of sacrifice and martyrdom as the ultimate act of taking your fate in your own hands.

Yunis and Helos seek to bring balance to a tumultuous world. They seek good relations between men and women as well as men and nature. The willow tree is associated with them as are scorpions.

Their love reaches to all living things, but they can also be wrathful. Their vengeances are said to rival that of Shaydis.

They are unique among the gods for a variety of reasons, the first is their dualistic nature. Yunis and Helos are considered to be at the same time two separate entities (or aspects) and yet, one god.

Another is that they have physical representations that are seen constantly in the form of the Sun and the Moon.

Many high ranking clergy members hold a staff with a scroll tied around it to represent Yunis and Helos's dominion over magic.

In depictions, Yunis and Helos are always together. Yunis as female and Helos as male. They are shown each standing on one foot to represent the sun and moon being their single representation on adnas. They are usually surrounded by plants and animals, most commonly under a willow tree.


Cyclic thinking

Fate happens in cycles.

Respect of magic



Balance of Nature / Circle of life


It is common for the clergy of Yunis and Helos to take the form of a female priest and a male warden. The priestess performs rituals and ceremonies, while the warden protects the holy location, while both take active part in instruction.

Sisters of the Moon

The sisters are a side order where a trio of priestess perform the duties of both priestess and warden.



  • Fearionur; dragonfly wings, flaming scimitar, healing fire (Healing)
  • Ishmahri (Knowledge)
  • Ion (Magic)
  • Solah; female, wields spear of fire, wings of fire, multiple arms, related to Jord, wears sun mask (Sun)
  • Tsukiyo; Prince of the Moon, God of Mists
  • Urrun; Male during day, female during night, flirty, unicorn horn, worshiped by witches (Rune)
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