Yugoloths (also known as daemons) are a group of fiends comparable to devils and demons. Yugoloths are neutral evil natives of the lower planes.

There are several dozen sub-types of yugoloth of varying degrees of power. Their progenitors are the ancient, diseased baernaloths. The yugoloth leader holds the title of Oinoloth, and rules from the Wasting Tower of Khin-Oin. (But even this figure does not oppose the General of Gehenna, who has ruled since their race colonized that plane. On the other hand, yugoloths will act on their own without hesitation in the General's absence.)

They are neutral regarding the affairs of the other fiendish races, interfering only when they see a situation that may be profitable or has potential for the advancement of their own schemes. The yugoloths are manipulative, secretive, and mercenary by nature, often acting as soldiers for deities in their own private wars, or aiding one side or the other in the Blood War between the demons (tanar'ri) and devils (baatezu). Although yugoloths present themselves as simply greedy mercenaries, the members of the highest yugoloth castes view the entire course of the Blood War as their own to control and manipulate until they decide to end it, unify the Lower Planes, and turn their attention to the planes of Good.

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  • A yugoloth is immune to poison and acid.
  • It has cold, fire, and electricity resistance.
  • Yugoloths can communicate telepathically with any creature within 100 feet that has a language.


  • Altraloth: Yugoloths who have made pacts with night hags to become unique and powerful creatures, resented as traitors by the rest of their kind. An altraloth sometimes fits a given theme, such as Death, Pestilence, War, and Famine.
  • Arcanaloth (or arcanadaemon, /ɑːrˈkænədeɪmən/ ar-KAN-ə-day-mən): Jackal-headed scribes, record-keepers, negotiators, and deal-makers of the yugoloths.
  • Baernaloth: The ancient progenitors of all other yugoloths.
  • Canoloth: Doglike scouts and skirmishers.
  • Corruptor of Fate: Stealthy and cunning manipulators of luck, they often become assassins.
  • Dergholoth: Serve as infantry and rank-and-file mercenaries. Dergholoths have round bodies with five arms and three legs with insect-like heads.
  • Echinoloth: Rear echelons of the yugoloth armies, these fiends combine features of a starfish and squid into an unlovely whole.
  • Gacholoth: Ebony-skinned, four-legged infiltrators and saboteurs.
  • Hydroloth: Froglike elite forces used for amphibious attacks and ambushes.
  • Marraenoloth: (or charonadaemon, /kəˈrɒnədeɪmən/ kə-RON-ə-day-mən): Skeletal ferrymen on the River Styx.
  • Mezzoloth: Insectile footsoldiers of the yugoloth armies.
  • Oinoloth: There is only ever one oinoloth in existence, and he rules in the Grey Waste of Hades from the Wasting Tower.
  • Piscoloth: Lobsterlike, Carrion Crawler-headed sergeants and overseers of the yugoloth armies.
  • Nycaloth: Green, gargoyle-like elite cavalry of the yugoloth armies.
  • Skeroloth: Dregs of the yugoloth armies.
  • Ultroloth: Cruel officers of the yugoloth armies.
  • Voor: Tentacled, hulking brutes used as guardians, protectors, bodyguards, and enforcers. Greater versions are known as dreadful lashers.
  • Yagnoloth: Minor lords with one mighty arm.
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