Yrag Algôl
Yrag Algôl
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Yrag Algôl is a black maester, son of Lord Caeden Algôl and the childhood friend of Grégoire Redletter. He helped his brother Wyard Algol murder his father after he was declared a heretic. He has contracted a strange disease that is causing his body to slowly turn to stone.

He is currently a member of the Black Maesters. When war broke out, he stood by the Kingdom of Brehr against the Kingdom of Erwynn.


Early life

He studied under his uncle as a maester.

Caeden's madness

Lord Caeden Algôl began worshiping devils and began work on a sword of unspeakable evil. Arasia the Bloodwolf discovered this and branded him a traitor and heretic. Yrag and his brother, Wyard, confronted and murdered him, though Wyard died during the fight.

Black Maester

When Yrag left to become a black maester, the house fell to his sister, Lady Fryg Algôl.

He was present when Grégoire Redletter was found after his harrowing time with the devils.

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