Yorik Wizarding Academy
Yorik Wizarding Academy
Motto Potentia Sapientia Temperata
""Power Tempered by Wisdom"
Location Yorik, Ilefain
Sponsorship Guild / Royal Charter
Recognition Public
Size Medium
Philosophy LG
Advancement Circle System
Headmaster Shamil Smoothhands

The Yorik Wizarding Academy is a boarding school of arcane and academic study. Located in the town of Yorik, Ilefain, it is the fifth oldest school in Ilefain. It is located on Ehrly Road. It also serves as a local orphanage for displaced youths.

The academy is known for its unusual headmaster, the svirfneblin Shamil Smoothhands. The academy is central to the town’s economy and though not as prolific as the universities of Calith Arg or Jaress, it is one that receive regular students and it praised for its knowledgeable teachers including the ageless professor of herbalism, Ruis Willowtree.

Its uniforms are colored green and blue.



The founding of the Yorik Wizarding Academy by Prince Harold in 121 NS led to the town becoming a place of wizardry. Harold was buried in the Academy in 135, although the exact location is unknown.

Royal Charter

The Wizarding Academy was granted a royal charter in 953 NS.

Attack of 1372

Raid on the Academy


Common Room


Faculty Lounge


Shamil's Office

Notable Faculty

Notable Students

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