Size Small Town
Location Lencast,
Brehr, Ilefain
Ruler Mayor Kendra de'la'Montagne
Population 1,400
Exports Glassworks, wagons,

"There has always been a town where Yorik now stands."
—local saying

Yorik is a town found on the edges of the Night Forest in Ilefain. It is in the Brehr region.

The town is home to the famous Yorik Wizarding Academy with its unusual head master, the svirfneblin Shamil Smoothhands. The academy is central to the town’s economy and though not as prolific as the universities of Calith Arg or Jaress, it is one that receive regular students and it praised for its knowledgeable teachers including the ageless professor of herbalism, Ruis Willowtree.

What Yorik lacks in numbers, it makes up by the strength of its inhabitants, including some retired adventurers.


Once the site of the Castle of Yorik and Bern during the late Four Brothers Era. Now only a remnant of a moat remains.

Yorik was occupied by Gnolls after the First Battle of Yorik in 371 PI, but had recovered sufficiently by 186 PI to contain around 600 people and be made a human town again.

Age of Knowledge

Emil Cassern was a veteran of the War Against the Darkness and he established Yorik's Holdfast around the ruins of the old castle. He did much to help the growth of the small village. However, his old companion, Asrus Warger, came to the village and raided against them. Cassern lead a militia to face Warger in the Larkwood ruins, where Warger's mercenaries were camped and a battle took place which took the lives of both leaders. Thus the village was saved.

The foundation of the Yorik Wizarding Academy by Prince Harold in 121 NS led to the town becoming a place of wizardry. Harold was buried in the Academy in 135, although the exact location is unknown.


During the Deathsong Plague in the 9th century the town was nearly abandoned as people fled the area. Afterwards, the arrival of the Four Great Families of Yorik arrived and brought the town from obscured destruction, back into prominence.

Yorik has had some degree of local government autonomy since 953 when the Wizarding Academy was granted a royal charter.

The Late Unpleasantness

see The Archmages Saga: Evocation, The Hand of the Drow Saga and The Council of Nine Saga

A string of unfortunate happenings in the town during the 1370's.

In 1372, the Yorik Wizarding Academy was attacked by shadowcultists. A year later, the town priest was murdered.

Goblins and Giants

see Rise of the Runelords

1378 marked a resurgence of troubles for the town.

Government and Culture

When most outsiders think of Yorik, only their wizards come to mind. However, the town is far more steeped in sheep herding culture than arcanery.

Yorik enjoys a sizeable amount of independence from the rest of the Duchy. The town is governed by a mayor (currently Kendra de'la'Montagne) but the four founding families of Sandpoint still hold considerable influence, if not politically then economically.

Yorik City Council

Members of the Council of 1378 are

Four Great Families

Yorik Merchantile League

The Yorik Mercantile League was a small business endeavor created in Luendig by four powerful merchant families, all of whom had designs on settling the region where the small town of Yorik now stands. Rather than work against each other, they consolidated their efforts and formed the League. These four families, the House of Quan (glassmakers and jewelers), the House of Veldkamp (wagon builders and carpenters), the House of Savich (loggers and millers), and the House de'la'Montagne (farmers and brewers), journeyed east to claim their land after securing the rights from the Luendig Charterhouse. Yet when they arrived, they found the place already settled by a particularly large tribe of Lens, who held the region as a traditional place to spend the winter.

Unwilling to change course, the Yorik Mercantile League began a series of talks with the Lens, promising them an important place in the new township. Unfortunately, after a week of talks seemed to go nowhere, an impatient man named Alamon Savich took matters into his own hands. Rounding up a group of his brothers and cousins, the Savichs mounted a murderous raid on the Len camp, intending to kill them all and leave evidence implicating local goblins for the deed. Yet the Savichs, too drunk and overconfident, only managed to kill five Lens before they were themselves forced to flee, leaving behind three of their own. The incident caused a several-month delay, but eventually amends were made and the town of Yorik was reborn.

Today, the founding families still hold noble titles in Yorik as well as some level of power in Luendig itself. The Yorik Mercantile League maintains an all-purpose building in the Capital District, where citizens and travelers can perform a number of business matters. Whether one needs to book passage on a ship, arrange for a caravan to take goods to other parts of Brehr, or get a title or charter for a new real estate purchase or business venture. The four noble families are no longer involved in the day-to-day workings of the league, though they maintain equal parts ownership of it, leaving the administration and organization of the company to Sir Jasper Korvaski, a retired paladin of Verai Songbird.

Map of Yorik


Yorik Wizarding Academy, is the fifth oldest school in Ilefain. It is based on Ehrly Road. It is next to the Yorik Cathedral.

The Yorik Glassworks is one of the oldest industries in Yorik.

The Way North Library, which was opened in 1285, provides books, maps, and illustrations of the history of the town and Brehr. It also serve as the local Compass Lodge.

The Museum of Yorik opened in 1183 in the Yorik Town Hall, parts of which date back to 1086. The museum contains galleries relating to the history of Yorik and its related industries and to the excavations of Calleva Atrebatum (an ancient Aquarian Town), together with the legendary Silver Tapestry, and galleries of local artists. It is owned and run by the Academy.

Taverns and Inns

  • Black Mountain Inn; near South Gate, favored by travelers.
  • King's Conferance; favored by locals. Near the Theater.
  • Hagfish; favored by the rough crowd.
  • Risa's Place
  • White Deer Inn; a fine inn located near North Gate. Does not feature a taproom.
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