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Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
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"Did they send you?!"

Yor is a warlock who was born during the Age of Kings. He sailed with Jenn Prestone to Aremia. Once landed, Yor found strange ruins and a cave amongst them. It was here that he was put into temporal stasis for over two thousand years. When the stasis was inadvertently interrupted by Kaiha and sandracos, Yor decided to travel with her in order to find out the magical technology of the ancient Aremians.

Yor is overly paranoid after spending years studying the aberrations that live in the northern mountains. Yor also was able to successfully place many aberration grafts in his own body making him less human and more of something else.



Jenn Prestone

Sixth World Saga

Appearance and personality

Powers and Abilities

Aberrant nature

Extended life

He lived from the Early Four Brothers Era all the way to the time of Jenn Prestone.

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