Yandadric Varbug
Yandadric Varbug
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Aelwyd
Date of Birth 1353 NS
Home Temple
Alias Teyve
Title Father
Physical Description
Race Half-Elf
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Family Information
Family Members Father
Occupation Priest
Loyalty Church of Light

Yandadric Varbug (Farbach) is a half-elven priest who was once an adventurer on a quest to find the Hand of Mortath. Yandadric once was one of the royal priests (esgobion) of Dhanni in Aelwyd, however he left Tir'Ein as a fugitive, being accused of kidnapping Aderyn llath Delyth, the niece of Cynnyth Brenin. Having no memory of the nights in question, Yandadric wasn't even sure if he was innocent and so left for Straft as an adventurer.

After the search for the Hand of Mortath, Yandadric's memory has become more inaccurate as time goes by and he has become suspicious he may have another personality that does grievous acts while he is blacked-out. To search for help, he now resides in Temple using the name "Teyve". Although some of the lower elements of the city seem to know him by the name of "Slyde".

Yandadric seems to have served as a catalyst through which fate can act. He has often been the small beginning to a much larger event.


Early life

Incident in Aelwyd

Search for the Hand

Retreat to Temple



Appearance and personality

Scar on right cheek.

Powers and abilities


Venom Immunity

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