A yakul.

Yakuls (elven arthynlich) are a cousin to the antelope and they dwell in Northern Nora. They are commonly found on the dargoneth, but can also be found within the Great Forests.

Yakuls have been used by humanoids for centuries. First used by the elves as mounts and pack animals, humans later discovered their uses. Commonly, they are raised for their meat, hides, antlers, milk and transportation. Yakuls are not considered fully domesticated, as they generally roam free. The elves do not consider them beasts of burden but noble companions. In traditional elven herding, yakul herders migrate with their herds between coast and inland areas according to an annual migration route, and herds are keenly tended. However, yakuls have never been bred in captivity, though they were tamed for milking as well as for use as draught animals or beasts of burden.

The use of yakuls as semi-domesticated livestock by humans was introduced in the late Age of Kings.

Yakuls can adapt to different environment by being grazers in some areas and browsers in others. They graze when the grass is green and growing and browse at other times. They will browse on shoots, seedpods and foliage.

When frightened or startled the whole yakul herd starts leaping about in order to confuse their predator. They can jump distances more than 36 feet and 9 feet high. Their chief predator is the smilodon. Yakuls can reach maximum running speeds of up to 50 - 56 mph.

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