Xananua the Deathwhore
Biographical Information
Home Swamps of Coastal Tir'Ein
Physical Description
Race Elf
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Loyalty Death,

Xananua is a powerful elven necromancer of indeterminate age. She is known for her part in the Battle of Open Graves in 906 wherein she animated the whole of the Burial Grounds and caused hundreds of deaths.

Xananua was imprisoned for her crimes, but escaped in 1372. Her current whereabouts are unknown but it is rumored she has conquered several villages of Bullywugs.


Early years

Some records have alluded to the possibility that Xananua was born a princess of Tir'Ein.

Kidnapped from her elven parents during a raid by bullywugs, she was only a small child. They took her back to their lands to sacrifice her, but an event (interpreted as a divine sign) caused them to consider her sacred.

Due to living life surrounded by death and decay, Xananua took to necromancy easily.

Deathsong Plague

Mort Kemnon

Battle of Open Graves

Five Day War


Powers and Abilities


Soul Consumption

Xananua has found a form of immorality in which she feeds off of the souls of others to add to her life force. She is well over six hundred years old and still youthful.


Toad familiar.

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