Wyrmspire Mountains
The Wyrmspires

The Wyrmspire Mountains or Wyrmspires are a range of mountains forming an arc across Vatharond, the largest mountain range in Nora. They provide the habitat for the largest populations in Nora of dwarves, giants, kobolds, and ogres, as well as over one third of all Noran plant species.

The chain of mountain ranges stretches from Rindland in the north to the oni empire of grimharath and the Verlorn Reaches in the east, Sachrunin to the west, to the Deadlands in the south. The highest range within the Wyrmspires are the Alvorets, on the border of gothsend and Grimharath, where the highest peaks exceed 5,500m in elevation, followed by the Giftzahnmauls in Rindland, where the highest peaks exceed 4,000m in elevation.

The most important cities in or near the Wyrmspires are Eisenstadt and Flachstadt in Untergrund and Turret High in Westencairn.


The mountains provide the habitat for the largest Noran populations of brown bears, wolves, chamois and lynxes.

The most valuable animal of the tundra is the Arctic fox. Ob lemmings, snowy owls, tundra partridge, and reindeer are other inhabitants, though the latter are few. Many wild ducks, geese, and swans breed there in summer. But the richest and most varied fauna in the Urals, including the brown bear, lynx, wolverine, and elk, are found in the forested zones. Some have valuable furs: the sable (in the north), ermine, fox, marten (in the south), Siberian weasel, and squirrel. In the taiga there are such birds as the wood grouse, black grouse, capercaillie (another member of the grouse family), cuckoo, and hazel hen (a woodland grouse). In the mixed, broad-leaved forests of the Southern Urals’ western slopes live roe deer, badgers, and polecats, as well as many birds typical of the European part of Russia, such as the nightingale and oriole. The commonest animals of the steppe and semidesert regions are rodents, including susliks (a type of ground squirrel), jerboas (a social, nocturnal, jumping rodent), and other agricultural pests. Reptiles include the common adder and grass snake. The rivers and lakes of the Northern Urals abound in fish, the most valuable being the nelma (a species related to the whitefish), common salmon, grayling, and sea trout. Farther south, in the densely populated and industrial regions, animal life is less abundant.

The Urals are extremely rich in mineral resources, with variations on the eastern and western slopes according to geologic structure. Ore deposits, for example, notably magnetite, predominate on the eastern slope, where contact (the surface where two different rock types join) deposits are found, as at Mount Blagodat, as well as magmatic deposits (formed from liquid rock), as at Kachkanar. Some of the ore deposits, such as the magnetite ores at Magnitogorsk, are exhausted or nearly depleted. Sedimentary deposits are of less importance. Some ores contain alloying metals—vanadium, a gray-white resistant element, and titanium—as impurities. The largest copper ore deposits are at Gay and Sibay, and nickel ores are found at Ufaley. There are also large deposits of bauxite, chromite, gold, and platinum.

Among the nonmetallic mineral resources of the eastern slope are asbestos, talc, fireclay, and abrasives. Gems and semiprecious stones have long been known: they include amethyst, topaz, and emerald. Among the western deposits are beds of potassium salts on the upper Kama River and petroleum and natural gas deposits in the Ishimbay and Krasnokamsk areas. Bituminous coal and lignite are mined on both slopes. The largest deposit is the Pechora bituminous coalfield in the north.


Ranges of the Wyrmspires



This is a list of the notable peaks of the Wyrmspires, their heights, geologic divisions, and locations.

All peaks over 4,500m are found in the Alvorets subrange, except for a few. This includes Mt. Uchast.
Peak Geologic divisions Nation (Nations) Duchy (Duchies) Height
Mount Farchifald Kolossalwieg - - -
Mount Grimmvell Alvorets - - -
Mount Silene Kolossalwieg - - -
Mount Uchast Giftzahnmauls - - 5,200m
the Windespitze Giftzahnmauls - - -
Gehimnis Giftzahnmauls - - 4,300m
Ryoth Giftzahnmauls - - 4,100m
Unsterlich Giftzahnmauls - - 4,100m
Grosblum Giftzahnmauls - - 4,100m
Hithgar Giftzahnmauls - - 3,900m
Wolkmeer Giftzahnmauls - - 3,900m
Adgruun Giftzahnmauls - - 3,900m
Erhgot Giftzahnmauls - - 3,700m
Rotberg Giftzahnmauls - - 3,700m
Schonsaal Giftzahnmauls - - 3,600m
Haussfell Giftzahnmauls - - 3,400m
Tante Giftzahnmauls - - 3,400m
Uttinberg Giftzahnmauls - - 3,200m
Nordenberg Giftzahnmauls - - 2,800m
Tarand Giftzahnmauls - - 2,500m

Mountain Passes

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