Worm That Walks

The worm that walks is a writhing mass of worms that forms the shape of a spell-casting creature.


The worm that walks is a mass of worms, formed into the shape of whatever dead spellcaster the worms originally fed upon.

Habitat & Society

A worm that walks forms sometimes when an evil spellcasting creature is buried in earth infused by magic. The worms that feed on the corpse consume the spellcaster’s soul, and gain a hive mind that retains the memories and magical abilities the corpse had in life.


The worm that walks shares many of the traits of insect swarms, having no vulnerable organs and no discernable “front” and “back”. Its unique composition makes it very resistant to weapon damage. If normally forms in the shape of the corpse, but if necessary it can split itself up into a mass of worms (for instance in order to swarm onto an opponent

However, it is not a mindless collection of vermin, and can call upon the spellcasting power the original corpse possessed in life.

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