Worghests were planetouched, native outsiders descended from the breeding of goblins and barghests.

Worghests often lived as feared and respected warriors in orc and goblin tribes, disdaining positions of power in favor of the freedom of the hunt.

Worghests descended from barghests and goblins, so they had barghest features, including glowing orange eyes and blue hair.

Worghests shared the ability to consume other humanoids with their barghest ancestors. They also had the limited ability to shape-change into a wolf.

They come from barghests that overran the dwarven holdings, however they can be found in any goblin tribes that have been commanded by barghest at some point in their histories. The information provided reads that the worghest colony in the Mines of Tethyamer has a coven of worghest warlocks who are believed to gain power through a pact with a mammoth greater barghest Tarkomang. Warlock worghest are otherwise considered to be uncommon as barghest blood does not lead to this class.

In combat, they move in packs and ambush their prey. They live for the fear and respect of their lesser brethren, gained by their ferocious power. They tend to avoid being the leader of a clan, but instead lurk as the power behind the throne.

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