Wôdan Shardheart
Wôdan Shardheart
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Thulgard, Midgard
Date of Birth ?
Date of Death
Home Alexandria, Nora
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) High King of Nora
Physical Description
Race Human, Midgardian
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green
Family Information
Family Members garnet-vi (wife)
Sólmr Borgeson (father)
Kráka Firehair (mother)
Holmyr Sólmrson (brother)
Gefn Immaculate (sister)
Dagmr Sólmrson (brother)
Thrud (grandmother)
Occupation Royal
Loyalty ?

Wôdan Sólmrson, also called Wôdan Shardheart, was a High King of Nora and a prince of Midgard. He was descended from the kingly Steel Tribe of Midgardians and born the youngest of his brothers.

Båtenkløver is his sword. It manifests around his hand when needed, called a sjelsverd.

Wôdan is a mythic figure known for the slaying of a behemoth (bilgesnipe) and cleaving ships in twain.


Early life

He was born to Kráka Firehair, daughter of the valkyrie Thrud.

The Worldstone Crystal

(Giant: Midgarðsteinn)

Exile to Niflheim

Accompanied by his older sister, Gefn Immaculate, who excels in archery and tracking.

He slayed a behemoth.

Adventures in Midgard

Call of the Suitors


Powers and abilities


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