White Towers

The White Towers of Los Torres are easily the most imposing structures in a city of monumental architecture and the fortress-citadel home of the Archdukes of Arcamino. The towers are built on an ancient four-sided, flat-topped ziggurat known as the Grand Mastaba, built long ago by the Shi'imti people. Built on Citadel Hill, it can be seen from anywhere in the city.

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Since the completion of the main walls, multiple lord magistrates, seneschals, and dukes have added to the section of the towers within the high stone walls. As such, despite a relatively consistent neo-Gothic styling, the Towers' contains many mismatched and randomly placed towers, walls, and stairs.


The towers can be approached from all four cardinal directions via massive ramps and stairs built into the side of the Grand Mastaba. The largest of these is the Great Ramp.

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