Whisperers of the Arcaene
Whisperers of the Arcaene
Type ?
Leader ?
Alignment NE
Headquarters ?
Goals Restore Mageocracy to
Dragonfly Island
Scope ?
Structure ?
Members ?

Whisperers of the Arcaene is a magocratic organization formed by menydh after the gnome society on Dragonfly Island renounced arcane magic. The Whisperers began open warfare on Talamh-ráth, initiating a civil war that has lasted for centuries.

While the organization was continually hostile towards their gnomish brethren, they have also acted as protectors of the island from outside forces. The Whisperers divide themselves based on their choice of using fire or frost magic, calling themselves Fire Whisperers and Frost Whisperers, respectively.




goanv-ou’s brother, Faolchu, became the first Spriggan, an elite gnome warrior, and banished the whisperers to the Shadowvast.



Elemental grafts

The Whisperers make great use of various elemental grafts. Every whisperer has some portion of their body exchanged for a graft. Some go so far as to have the vast majority of themselves replaced.


Originally, the gnomes used para-elementals as labor meant to serve. However, when Goañv-où absorbed the energies of the elemental orbs, he began to use these elementals as soldiers, turning them against the gnomes they used to serve. They became enforcers and grunts, though the majority of them are placed in a dimensional storage.

Fire and Ice

The Flame Whisperers appeared to be equipped with flame-based swords while the Frost Whisperers let loose with freezing beams.


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