"Hand to Hand, Brother to Brother"
Hånd til Hånd, Bror til Bror
location in nora
Capital Straussheim
Largest City Straussheim
Archduchy Gathrand
Kingdom Vatharond
Ruling House House vel'Laufen
Demonym Carnsh
Formation ?
Area ?
Population -
Common Languages Common

Westencairn is the largest region of Vatharond. It is also one of the most wealthy duchies of Nora due to its rich farmlands, vast resources and central location. Westerncairn encourages trade through liberal policies and light taxes for merchants.


Otland (Age of Magic)

The Western Empire (Middle Age of Kings)

Attempted resurgence of the Aquarian Empire. Also called the Vesterrike. Ruled by the nobles now called House vel'Haukslott.

Kingdom of Westencairn (Late Age of Kings)

Clashes with Eladrin

Invasion of Westencairn (Dark Empire)

Massive Battle took place.

United Vatharond (Age of Knowledge)

1375; a massive thunderstorm occurred, causing the stormbirth of K'shk.


Aecerian Fields

Crimson Sea

Fetch Lake

Kolossalweig Mountains

Lake of Deadmen

Lonely River

Longshadow River

Lune Mountains

River Prosperity

Vólvi Forest


Major Settlements


  • Fort Albast
  • Fort Erganbald
  • Fort Gunterus
  • Fort Malger
  • Fort Stalfos
  • Ovyugun Hellgate
  • Pyropus Insuadibilis
  • Turret High






  • Governed by council. - Preference for oligarchy rather than monarchy.
  • Culture of cooperation
  • Warrior culture - battle technology and innovation
  • Heraldric themes - griffins and castles
  • Mountains are romanticised
  • lots of ruins of old forts; many currently being rebuilt for the Severing war.
  • very rural duchy. Not many cities. Many farms due to good land.
  • many superstitions about death and the dead.
  • honor considered highly. Honesty and manners.
  • Church of Light has a greater presence here than any where else in Vatharond. Still, Gnesis cults are favored by the rural folk. Also the Old Cults are often found near Fetch Lake. The Covenant also has many cells hidden amongst the rural communities.
  • Devils are said to walk along the roads at night, offering deals to those passing by.
  • Education is typically more to serve warrior and farming interests than pure academy. Still, a prominent University is found here.
  • Music is valued. The more complex a composition the better it is received by the nobility. The peasantry favors repetitive polkas to dance to.
  • A famous illusionist found here is making headway with the new field of psychology.
  • Food is simple but treated with flair. Coffee is often a drink of choice in the north west areas. Cider is enjoyed all over the duchy.
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