Wells of the Moon

The Wells of the Moon are a series of small, but hopelessly deep pools on the isle Solobaid in Labylithea. It is a frequent watering hole for herds of pegasus.

It is said that bards can find their perfect inspiration by looking into these pools.

"Go until to you reach the dark and there you will find black pools. Deep wells that can only be found by the light of the moon. Follow her swiftly or you will miss this chance to drink with the flying stallions that glide in to quench their thirst. Timid creatures that they are they love fresh grass cut from the valley below. Bring them plenty and maybe you will see how they love to frolic in the midnight breeze. For by day they will never come in fear of the medusas who want to catch them all. But they see their snakes and fly up to the sky and graze in Verai Songbird's favorite garden maze."

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