Watchers of the Ebon Eye
Watchers of the Ebon Eye
Type Temple
Leader Noumenon the Unmasked
Alignment N
Headquarters ?
Goals Collection and keeping
of secrets
Scope International
Structure ?
Members ?

Watchers of the Ebon Eye is a cult of Shaydis worshiping her as the keeper of secrets. The organization specializes in scrying spells and infiltration with the purpose to collect all the secrets of the world to keep them safe until the end of time. In the central temple of their order, a pool of dark, still water can be found, the Ebon Eye, which can pierce cloud, shadow, earth, and flesh.


Certain sources place their history as far back as the Aquarian Empire.


The Watchers rely on their own secrets and wear masks so that even the other members of the order to not know their faces. The leader of the order, the Unmasked, has no secrets and wears no mask.

The watchers sew the mouths of their dead shut so their secrets will not spill even in the afterlife.

Temples are found in Lorasia, Vatharond and Khemet.


Former members

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