Warryn Ostwyrt
Warryn Ostwyrt
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Family Members House Ostwyrt
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Lord Warryn Ostwyrt was the lord of House Ostwyrt. He had the ability to speak with the dead. He has a cool, calculating mind and a good head for economics and coin. He is a very rich man with considerable hold over not only the other houses of the Kingdom of Brehr, but houses of other kingdoms. It is said that every man in the Four Brothers owes Lord Warryn a favor.

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From a young age, Warryn preferred simple trade and salesmanship to diplomacy and high stakes economic maneuvering. After becoming the Lord of House Ostwyrt, he enjoyed traveling the kingdoms as a common peddler despite his high status, and most people of the Four Brothers would recognize him. He would always seem to have what people would want. No one seemed to care that he always came out on top, no matter how much he would gouge his customer they would always feel as if they came off with the better end of the bargain.

During these travels, he established a Ostwyrt owned business in nearly every village he visited. He would spend his travels checking up on the businesses, delivering messages and instructions. His "micromanaging" led House Ostwyrt into an era of fortune and prosperity. Warryn enjoyed earning wealth, but most when he used his own skills and abilities to obtain it. His favourite targets for trading were the Erwyish who had officially banned him from their lands, but somehow he still managed to get through their borders.

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