War Against the Darkness

The War Against the Darkness, also known as the Sixth Twilight War, began as a small rebellion located in central Ilefain and ended in a continental war between several Noran powers. The war was the culmination of the citizens of the Dark Empire rejecting the rule of elknor-the-wretched the Wretched. In 7 PI, rebels gained control of western Ilefain, set up a command structure and formed an army. These rebels were declared traitors the following year. In 5 PI, after Elknor began conquering northern elf lands, the elven armies joined the rebellion, evening the military strength of the Death Legions. Other states also soon joined the rebellion over the next four years.

Throughout the war, the Death Legions were able to capture and hold major cities, but control of the countryside largely eluded them. Elven involvement proved decisive, with an elven victory in Calith Arg to the surrender of the second Death Legion division. In 1 PI, the Battle Against the Black City ended the war in a great victory.

Combatants before 5 PI

Rebel Fains

Loyalist Fains

Death Legions and auxiliaries



The Sacking of Chaston

The White Poets

War in Ilefain




The Erwin Campaign

War in Tir'Ein

Death takes Ildrad Zinthys

War across borders

Halfling navy



Calith Arg and the Surrender of Mazzenfell

The Battle Against the Black City

see Battle Against the Black City

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