Aliases -
Size Large City
Location gothsend, Vatharond
Ruler Mayor Loven Kuldenjern
Population 17,000
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Vyknir is the capital city of Vatharond. It is the second largest city in the kingdom (behind Zuffels) with a population of 20,000. The city is situated on the banks of the Kros River. It is where the traditional Blue Dragon Tribe rules from the Horned Throne.

The city is home to the Vyknir Terror Guard, who keep the peace within the walls.

A city under siege from itself. Once a bastion of safety and civilization in the wilds of Vatharond, now the populace is split between Black Dragon supporters and those who believe in Noran unification.

The citizens go about their day on a razor’s edge, never knowing when a battle in the streets will break out. The chaos and paranoia caused by the war has been capitalized upon by a half-orc gang leader named Alkom the Taker.


Originally known as Vyiknojr, the settlement dates back to 600 PI. When Vatharond was formed in 160 PI, the city was chosen as its seat of power.

The port of Vyknir slowly but steadily grew into a port of importance. The greatest spurt of growth occurred in 472. The city began expanding and the svartsgard-castle was built.


In the spring of 520, due to an insult paid to the dwarven kaiser on his visit, the dwarves laid siege to the city for one night. Known as the Dvergraseri, the attack crippled the city and left 800 citizens dead.


  • svartsgard-castle on the Kros Riverside.
  • castle-glittering; home of the White Flight Dragoon Knights
  • Sieg Avenue; the main thoroughfare through the city.
  • The Erzwood; a copse of elven trees in the city green. Black swans live in the pond.
  • Crucible of Justice; the supreme court of Vatharond.
  • Airship moor
  • Super tall wizard tower
  • monument left over from Erbarm
  • Trail of the Basilisk - a trail of statues leading to a hole where the statue of a basilisk is retreating. Local children have a game involving them.
  • theater in the center of the city.
  • old wooden church of the Gnesis deities, may be the oldest church in Vatharond.
  • Church of Light cathedral emphasis on male heroes of the past. Great ancestors.


With 55% of the inhabitants in a poor state, Vyknir has its fair share of city problems, such as dilapidated inner city areas.

The entire city has a sense of traditional gender roles. Women are expected to act in accordance to the local culture.

In Vatharond, Vyknir has the highest percentage of demi-humans. Nearly 50% of the population are not human or have at least one non-human parent. Recent figures show that half-orcs comprise close to 25% of the city's population. The current mayor of Vyknir, Loven Kuldenjern, is of kona descent. The city is also home to one of the largest dragonborn communities in Nora.

Vyknir is currently going through somewhat of a renaissance, with a host of summer festivals celebrating the city's identity, such as Vyknir Demondays, and the Kros Festival.

The self-image of the city is that of a no-nonsense workers' city. In that sense, there is a healthy competition with Zuffels, which is often viewed as the cultural capital of the Vatharond. There is a saying: "Zuffels to party, Neverport to live, Vyknir to work". Another saying that reflects both the rivalry between Vyknir and Zuffels is "Zuffels has it, Vyknir doesn't need it".

The Kros Ferry

Vyknir is home to the Kros Ferry; a service of many boats taking travelers up and down the Kros River to other cities found on its shores.

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