Vorel Foxglove
Vorel Foxglove
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth ?
Date of Death (place) 1315 (Foxglove Manor)
Home Foxglove Manor
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color ?
Eye Color ?
Family Information
Family Members ?
Occupation ?
Wizard Circle ?
Loyalty ?

Vorel Foxglove was a necromancer and a member of the House of Foxglove, raised in Jaress. He moved from there in 1295, building a new home, Foxglove Manor. Secretly a member of the homicidal Skinsaw Cult which masqueraded as a social club for rich merchants known as the Seven Brothers Society, Vorel financed the construction of his home with copious loans from the Brothers. In exchange, Vorel declared that Foxglove Manor would become the property of the cult in 100 years.

Vorel lived with his wife Kasanda, their children, and a small staff of servants in Foxglove Manor for 20 years. In 1315, Vorel was interrupted by his wife in the final stages of the necromantic rituals needed from him to become a lich. The magical backlash consumed his body within seconds, killing Vorel and creating the disease Vorel's phage in the process. The disease also killed Kasanda, their children, and all the servants of Foxglove manor, but did not spread further. Vorel's soul fused with the house, in effect becoming his phylactery. Foxglove Manor became known as being haunted and was nicknamed "Misgivings" and lay abandoned for decades. His evil spirit and the horrible disease he had accidentally created continued to plague the Foxglove family for generations, eventually causing the deaths of his great-nephew Traver, and his son Aldern.

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