Vor Thomil

Vor Thomil, a dark underground conclave of sin and filth, is a powerful fomorian domain that lies close to Shinaelestra and often wars against that eladrin realm. A terrible fomorian monarch, Queen Connomae, rules Vor Thomil, and the entire realm trembles in anticipation of her next mad whim. Connomae clings to pretenses of grandeur and greedily clutches at the trappings of elegance and civility—which means that she brutally tortures and kills those courtiers who fail to keep up with what she thinks the “proper” behavior for such luminaries entails. She is also obsessed with her own amusements and searches constantly for new sources of diversion.

Queen Connomae often orders captured travelers to dress in mockeries of formal court attire. Such “ambassadors” are forced to amuse her with song, story, combat, or even inspired lunacy. Those who please her perverse whims are showered with gold and favors. Those who disappoint are slain during ornate ceremonies involving machines of fiendish design.

The queen obsessively collects artwork, although she has no ability to discern the transcendent from trash. Depending on the vagaries of her madness, she either lovingly displays the treasures or destroys them.

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