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Date of Death
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Physical Description
Race Tiefling
Gender Female
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Family Information
Family Members Florica
Occupation ?
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Volanda was an elemental incarnate of fire and a priest of elemental evil.

Volanda’s rough childhood hardened her heart against others. The world is a corrupt and painful place and deserving of a fiery end is her motto. For years, she was a dancer and concubine. Later, she took up the mantle of prophet when she found the Orb of Fire, and the same ruthless ambition and practiced manipulation that enabled her to escape a life of servitude serves her well as the head of a growing cult.

For Volanda, battle is best observed at a distance. She prefers to hurl destructive magic from afar. Those who challenge Volanda in melee learn a painful lesson as she and the Orb of Fire make a formidable pair.


Early life

Princess of Evil

Powers and abilities


Orb of Fire

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