Viresian Sentries

The Viresian Sentries are a series of colossal monuments built by the dragonborn of Viresia to both honor their dragon kings and to ward away those who would attempt to invade their lands. They were an excellent means of border marking.

The Sentries

Atra Ferius

A Black Wyrm. Guards the western shore of the Devil's Hand Peninsula.

Braes Vigilus

A Brass Wyrm. Guards the eastern shore of the Devil's Hand Peninsula.

Rutilus Fortuos

A Red Wyrm. Guards the south-west of Viresia.

Prasinus Imperator

A Green Wyrm. Guards the Mnemerian Highlands in Erdrafos.

Pyropus Insuadibilis

A Bronze Wyrm. Guards the Aecerian fields. Made of solid adamantine.

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