location in nora
Capital Ermus
Largest City ?
Ruling House ?
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Formation ?
Area ?
Population ?
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Viresia was a kingdom in current day southern Vatharond. It was held by the dragonborn during the Age of Magic before it fell during the Tiefling Wars.

It warred with oni, goblin and lamia kingdoms.


Tiefling Wars

When the Midan Empire began consorting with fiends and committing atrocities passing them for justice and entertainment, the neighboring dragonborn nation of Viresia could not accept inaction. Viresia rose up against the Midans and after many years of war, brought down their cities.

These wars ended with the mutual destruction of both the Midan Empire and Viresia.


Cultural renaissance within the Aquarian Empire

After the fall of the Midans, the founders of Sofia and the Aquarian Empire were mostly made up of the Viresian dragonborn and the lower classed Midans. As with many of the founding ideals of the Aquarians, magic was to be open to all who had the ability or desire.

It was the dragonborn that helped the humans build and govern the Aquarian Empire.


Viresian sentries


  • Leibarg was the capital of Kelevor, before its destruction by Viresian Soldiers.
  • For long periods of time Vincism was the state religion of Viresia.
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