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Aliases ?
Size Metropolis
Location ?
Ruler ?
Population 5,700
Exports ?

Vindina is the largest city in Deipero, Canstice. It is a large port.

mythical immortal siren, wise watcher


history of disaster from volcano


Major aquarian city.

Age of Kings

major battle during age of kings

Age of Knowledge

home to influential cosmologist, poet and polymath - 500 yrs ago
famous painter from 400 years ago
300 yrs ago - famous judge, politician and philosopher
city revolution 300 years ago


Castel Vicino - large castle built during age of kings
nearby volcano
crowded streets, beautiful beaches
many squares
giant palace
church held in open square
island fortress off shore, connected by long bridge
plantation mansion with huge garden
castle on top of hillside - considered archetectual marvel
large multi-storeid theater
wizard academy where members of the House of Etheria train.


political connections with vatharond and labylithea
pizza is famous local dish
local types of pasta and ice cream
famous actor
a holiday where the castles of the city are opened to the public
guitar players - masked bards
minotaurs in the port

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