Vin-Roshu Hills

The Vin-Roshu Hills are a rugged area of central Ibben. The area is sparsely populated due to both the lack of resources and dark reputation.

Vatra Fanes

In the hills stand ancient sites of worship. Mercy Lament appropriated three such wilderness fanes located near her castle—one in the Vatra Woods, one in the swamp to the east, and one high in the hills. Performing dark rituals at each once-sanctified altar, Mercy bound himself to the land and the land to her, gaining great powers in the bargain. Stripping her of those powers requires visiting each fane and performing specific rituals to sever her connection to the land.

"I have learned much, too, about this land of Ibben. Ancient are its ways, ancient beyond the knowledge of the simple folk of the valley . I have walked the ancient ways, secret roads linking three fanes of might, and thus I have become the Land."

"Three ancient saints dwelt in this valley long before my coming, and three hidden fanes still give tribute to their memories. I visited the Swamp Fane, the Forest Fane, and the Mountain Fane, and claimed their power for my own. Thus I solidified my grasp on this dim shadow of life. I made the fanes my own, and I have become the Land. Also I made the fane-servants my own, and they now serve me as once they served the saints of the fanes."

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