A List of Villains

These villains are listed as according to 4E rules.

  • Artillery
  • Brute
  • Controller
  • Lurker
  • Skirmisher
  • Soldier
Name Recommended Level and Role Location
Chernomor Level 9 Elite Artillery Naraa
Orel Wiseblood Level 11 Elite Skirmisher (Leader) Lon Kuel
The Duchess Level 12 Elite Controller Alexandria
The Countess Lesser Level 13 Elite Artillery (Leader) Jaress
Xananua the Deathwhore Level 16 Elite Controller Somewhere in southern Tir'Ein
The Dark Lady Level 17 Elite Skirmisher Aeros
anv-verb Level 18 Solo Soldier Unknown
Angel and Wraith Level 18 Elite Lurker Unknown
The Grindel Level 19 Solo Soldier Unknown
Ail Level 21 Elite Lurker (Leader) Unknown
Drakan Level 22 Elite Controller (Leader) Unknown
Dyne Level 23 Solo Controller Caer Teithio
goanv-ou Level 23 Solo Controller Dragonfly Island
Rojio the Cheater Level 23 Solo Controller Rhekhavok
Raavan Level 24 Elite Soldier (Leader) Solgun the Lost
Dijanzi d'Obari Level 25 Elite Controller (Leader) Sheoloth
Vastania the Dark Daughter Level 27 Elite Controller (Leader) Blackrune Keep
Asamed Level 28 Elite Controller (Leader) Ixithectc
Nemesis Level 28 Solo Lurker Unknown
Malextralan Level 29 Solo Lurker Ghostwind Halls
Woland Level 29 Elite Controller (Leader) Temple of Truth
Spectre Scion Level 30 Solo Brute Unknown
Aethyx Level 33 Solo Brute Labylithea

Honorable Mentions

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