Viglundar Hammergrimm
Viglundar Hammergrimm
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Gelb Clanhold, Ilefain
Date of Birth ??
Home Gelb Clanhold
Title Hauptlord of Gelb
Physical Description
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Loyalty Gelb Clan

Viglundar Hammergrimm is the hauptlord of the Gelb Clan of dwarves. He is near worshiped by the members of his clan and is seen as an worldly aspect of the dwarven god Ornus and is descended from some of the most ancient and noble of all Dwarf lords.

Hammergrimm is involved with Fainish politics, and, while considering all of the Tall Hills to be an enclave of Untergrund, he tolerates human settlements so long as they actively help the war against the gnolls.

His current wife is Olof Hammergrimm and he currently has six living sons; Tryggr, Holmkel, Hakon, Vigleif and the twins Einar and Jokel. His daughter is Ketilrid, twin of Holmkel.



Hammergrimm is carried aloft on the Throne of Four Mountains by four hand-picked strong and stout dwarven warriors. According to tradition, the High King must only ever sit down upon the Throne of Four Mountains, which was crafted by Ornus himself, and to that end, it must be carried everywhere the hauptlord goes, so that he may sit upon it should he no longer wish to walk.

He wears a gnoll-skin cloak, made from the hide of the previous chieftain of the Bloodsun, Tattered Ear.

Powers and Abilities


An experienced rune-caster, Hammergrimm is a powerful priest and many have attested to his personal link with Ornus.



Though his exact age is unknown, Hammergrimm has been clanfather for the Gelb for over five dwarven generations, which means he is over 700 years old.

Fighting Prowess

Hammergrimm wields Wegfalscher, the Scythe of Dwarven Destiny. Though, in battle he prefers his own axe.

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