A Veranallia is one of the azata.

This rosy-haired woman is completely nude except for the mass of vines and leaves that cover her lower body. The plant matter silently weaves about her frame seemingly of its own volition, and consists of flourishing vines bursting with blooming flowers as well as wilted leaves covered with a silvery sheen of hoarfrost.

Veranallias are among the most powerful azatas known and embody the changing of the seasons, from blossoming spring to dormant winter. They command the growth and decay of plants, control various aspects of the weather, and enrich soil with the remains of fallen foes. A veranallia stands 8 feet tall and weighs about 350 pounds.

Beautiful and majestic, the queenly veranallia possesses a form that combines aspects of a feylike woman and the subtle power of nature. A veranallia appears humanoid from the waist up, but where her thighs and legs should be, sprout countless vines, leaves, and various kinds of plant matter instead. These flora represent the life of plants throughout all stages of the year, continually shifting from blooming, verdant colors and textures to crisp, withered specimens and back in a matter of seconds.

Veranallias hail from the wildest regions of Elysium, primeval realms where few but the mightiest azatas dare tread. They are creatures of transition, preferring the unpredictable maelstroms of weather at Elysium’s edges to the more temperate or consistent regions of that plane. They also have a particular appreciation for areas where one element transitions into another, such as coastlines, geysers, hot springs, and underground lakes. Many among their kind can be found in various heavily wooded forests throughout Elysium; as many as a dozen veranallias are reputed to dwell among the ever-changing trees and plants of the forest, and it is thought their annual tribunals are actually the source of the eldritch woodland’s transformative climate and continually shifting composition.

At first glance, a veranallia’s lower body may appear to be made of living plants that wrap themselves around her, but these vines are in fact a part of the azata’s strange physiology. Despite this, she is not subject to blight or similar plant-affecting magic, and attempts to use such abilities to hinder her inspire a veranallia’s ire like little else. A veranallia’s vines are incredibly strong and can entwine and crush an enemy as easily as a python would crush a field mouse. These vines often change appearance based on the veranallia’s environment, but not always in any predictable or sensible manner.

Veranallias prefer the company of other azatas, and may have any number of faithful bralani or ghaele followers. Their fickle natures make it difficult for most other creatures, even other azatas, to interact with them.

Lillends are not inspired by the dangerous power of veranallias, and brijidines‘ belief in the cleansing power of fire does not make friendship with the verdant veranallias easy. While most other celestials concede that veranallias have only the best intentions, most would still rather deal with more predictable members of the celestial planes.

Archons in particular find it almost impossible to speak to veranallias, and the noble angels and agathions have trouble following a veranallia’s leaps in logic and rapidly shifting moods.

Due to their power and influence, it takes a force of great evil to slay veranallias. When a veranallia does die, however, her body explodes into a fine glittering dust that covers a radius of up to a mile. This area becomes exceedingly fertile and subject to indeterminate weather. Storms, snowfalls, heat waves, and gentle showers come by turns regardless of the region’s usual climate. Veranallias who have died on the evil Outer Planes have left such fertile areas behind, but the soil inevitably becomes corrupted again, giving rise to vile creatures such as sards and spawning vicious weather patterns.

Hardy plane-traveling adventurers speak of ancient veranallias living in the remotest corners of Elysium, and claim that these unique azatas possess even greater mastery over the elements than their more commonly encountered kin. Veranallias with the ability to shower entire mountains with lightning or cause heat waves so intense that they turn lakes to sand are spoken of in arcane texts.

Veranallia Elder

The most powerful of the veranallias are ancient entities indeed, beings known as veranallia elders. These veranallias appear as aged but still beautiful specimens, their upper human bodies looking like elderly women and their lower bodies always featuring what seems to be vegetation in late autumnal colors of red, yellow, and brown. As a general rule, veranallia elders have additional Hit Dice and vary in power from CR 21 to CR 25—they rarely take class levels, but often have powerful unique abilities beyond the capability of the standard veranallia. Two example veranallia elder powers are presented below.

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