Verai Songbird

Verai Songbird, also known as Valha, is the patron of truth, etiquette, law, strategic battle, justice and civilization. He symbolizes the alliance of pioneer colonies and the larger cities as well as the loyalty and brotherhood of nations. He is the protector of heroes, scribes, judges, oracles and philosophers.

Verai Songbird loves philosophers and thinking of truth even if it is laughed at or forbidden. His declaration is that there is no law against truth. His wisdom is so respected by the other gods, he is able to overturn Damien's judgments. He invented the longsword, crafted from Ornus's steel and every four years, the Alexandrian Tournament of Kings is held in his honor.

War is also one of his charges. He is a mighty warrior with a head for strategy. His shield was created by Ornus and is unbreakable and rebukes dragon's fire. He is a slayer of many dragons, symbols of the destructive capabilities of nature. Though he is friends of the wise monsters such as the sphinx, whose riddles Verai enjoys.

Dhanni and Verai are together in many stories and their worshipers interact constantly. However, Verai is a protector of cities from the ravages of the wilderness, so he must discipline Dhanni for her transgressions every so often.

He once tried to seek Kira's hand for courtship but was rebuffed.

At the end of the year, priests of Urala and Verai Songbird band together to give blessings and prophecy to their faithful.

Depiction and symbols

Verai is describes as beautiful but androgynous. His stance of equality extends to the sexes. It is said that his gender changes at his will, or that he has no sex at all. His shield Angus is always with him and his griffin commonly so.

He is associated with all things that symbolize a thriving settlement. Roaches, grasshoppers, swans and the lute are also among his symbols. As he brings the safety and stability of civilization to all coners of the world, he rides on his celestial griffon. The new moon is sacred to his as it symbolizes beginnings.


His hall is Valheim, a hall for warriors who lived virtuous lives.


His servants are the Golden Pillars of Secania.


  • Dårliga; white winged dancer lady flirty spear midriff and legs (Community)
  • Hilel-adam; golden lion armor and golden wings (Glory)
  • Laagriel; white winged armor with glowing eyes gentle and loving healing (Good)
  • Moahloli; feathered dark skinned lady with armor (Law)
  • Tobaotoko-o; Red samurai with halo and spear massive sword of fire (War)
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