Vathroni peerage
Heraldry of Vathroni nobility

Vathroni peerage is the privileged order of Vatharond. Vatharond value their heritage and roots in the Dragontribes. The Dragontribes are a distinct heritage line than the noble houses.

Vatharond cares deeply about heritage and bloodline. The noble houses are divided into ethnic origins. The Munthreki houses are the only ones who can claim dragontribe roots.

  • Dhaen - devil blooded - south west
  • Doliaeth - elf blooded - north
  • Midal - desert blooded - far south
  • Midgardian - foreign blooded - South central
  • Munthreki - dragon blooded - all

Human make up the nobility of Vatharond. Though half-orcs and dragonborn are common features around Svartsgård Castle, they are not nobility. The humans trace their ancestry back to the revered dragontribes of barbaric Vatharond before they were united under the banner of civilization.

Vathroni nobles value loyalty to their superiors and they have a strong sense of nationalism. Honor and the keeping of face is paramount, which often confuses foreigners as they see nobles allow hounds to eat at their tables and speak plainly (often shockingly blunt) in court.

Most Vathroni noble heraldry is centered around the image of the dragon or wyvern and tend to be drab in color.

Most Vathroni noble families do not use the tradition of numbered names to designate descendants. Though, naming family members after ancestors is usual, it is often done when said ancestor is dead and even then, a number is not used, but a kerning to designate. The most notable exception to this if House vel'Laufen, who do use numbered names.


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