Kingdom of Vatharond
Motto: "Strength and Will"
Capital Vyknir, gothsend
Largest City Zuffels
Demonym Vathroni
Formation c160 PI
Joined Allied Kingdoms 247 NS
Common Languages Common, Dwarven

Vatharond (VATH-a-rond or VA-taron) is one of the four kingdoms in the Allied Kingdoms of Nora. It is bordered to the west by Tir'Ein and Canstice. To the north by the Green Sea and Vansludera. To the south by the Blood Sea and to the east by the Wyrmspire Mountains, the Deadlands and the Soulless Sands.

The kingdom's vast history goes back to the Age of Magic. It was formed by an alliance between warring dragontribes with the help of the Holy Skald.

Vatharond has the greatest territory of the Allied Kingdoms, but the lowest population. Known for its desolate terrain and hardy people, Vatharond is ruled by King Ioan Alexandru and Queen Anabelle.

It is currently engaged in the Severing War against the Noran Alliance in order to gain true independence.

The Yfirvegar is a road that goes from Karland to Quatermass, one of the longest roads of Nora.


Age of War

Giants rose and fell.

The flood waters recede. c3,800 PI

Age of Magic

In the beginning of the Age of Magic the Draconians had their fortress named Sacenditio, the Fortress of Holy Fire.

Originally the dragontribes called their territory Fāssia, draconic for Land of Divine Law.

Shi'imti Empire

(c3,500 - c2,250 PI)

Middle Shi'im was prominant in central Vatharound and Late Shi'im saw the empire become an isolated pocket in southern Vatharond after the fall of the Runelords.

Dwarves Migrate into the Wyrmspires. The dwarven kingdom of Vytheryord was founded. 2,600 PI

The Ancient powerful city state Tycho was defeated by invaders in a great war. c2500 PI

Midan Empire (c2,250 - c1,600 PI)

The age of the second great human empire, the Midan Empire was thriving south of the Wyrmspires. However, the dragonborns to the west grew tired of the human’s debauchery and sin and warred with the Midans. The Midans were ruled by Rakshasa kings and tiefling nobility. The war was so big, the kobold kingdoms were pulled in.

There has been at least one Blue Dragon holding regency in the various kingdoms of Vatharond for over 4,000 years.

Steinkaiser Eisen takes the throne and unites Untergrund. Soon after, hill dwarves begin to appear on the surface to settle. 1,847

The Tiefling Wars began between Midas and Viresia. These wars ended with the mutual destruction of both the Midan Empire and Viresia. c1,727 PI

Dragontribe Wars

The Dragontribe wars escalate, driven by Hakon and the Skull Dragon Tribe.

The wars bring out the two largest dragontribes, the Blue Dragon and the Tribe of the Cold Flame, ruled by Leiker the Invisible.

Ormar the Hunter becomes the Wyrmking of the Blue Dragon Tribe. He conquers Leiker and an uneasy peace settles.

Ormar marries and has two daughters and a son. His children are born weak due to a curse from the dying Hakon. However, they are given the gift of the skald and Ormar writes their stories in what is now known as the Holy Skaldry.

Ormar’s family dies and a mass funeral is held.

A sickness comes over Ormar the Hunter. He begins to act erratic, this causes Leiker to begin his strategy for his son, Langmar, to take Ormar’s place.

Langmar gains enough support to replace Ormar, but in an unforeseen turn, Langmar keep Ormar as an advisor and seeks out a cure for his delirium.

The search for a healer to aid Ormar uncovers a prophecy of a child with the same eyes are Ormar’s lost son. This child is destined to be a great spiritual leader.

The search ends with the discovery of Freymund, the Holy Skald at age 13. Freymund heals Ormar with a song and teaches him a deeper meaning of life using Ormar’s children’s stories as a metaphor.

Ormar dies and war once again looms between all dragontribes. Freymund calls a tribe moot and calls for a lasting peace and alliance. Langmar is moved and nominates Haldrak, nephew of Ormar and Wyrmking of the Blue Dragon as the first king of a united Vatharond.

Vatharond is formalized and its ruling body organized. Freymund preforms a miracle, transforming the rain into holy water with his hymns. He then walks southward to the ocean and is never seen again.

The Hell King Gothurus unified the tribes. Prior to the Aquarian Empire

Aquaria (c1,600 - 692 PI)

The kobolds retreated back north into the mountains, but the dragonborn helped the humans rebuild and rediscover their virtue, leading them to the Aquarian Empire in southern Canstice.

Eladrin begin to walk the world c1,190 PI

Untergrund splits into two kingdoms 662 PI

King and Queen Begierig, the first rulers of Rothirschtal during the Age of Magic. Their line was ended by Malagar the Grim.

Age of Kings

Lýantine Empire was founded by the hero, Lykaz after the fall of the Aquarian Empire

Great Kidan Migration c692 PI

The settlement that would become Vyknir is created 600 PI

Attempted resurgence of the Aquarian Empire. Also called the Vesterrike. Ruled by the nobles now called House vel'Haukslott.

The castle was built by Rugler vel'Rathun as a wedding gift to his cousin, Emily in 463 PI.

The midgardians lead by Woad the Conqueror invades and founds Otland. 460 PI

When the land began to be settled by Midgardians, they named the land Faðrǫnd, or Father's Breath in giant.

The mighty king Karl of Allmen (Regional hero) unified the people and created an independent Rindland in 317 PI. A massive battle took place against the ruling northern Firbolg Kingdoms.

Tyranny of Erbärm

Erbärm kills Vancil and turns into a lich 303 PI

The Bandit Wars 296 PI

The Vanishing of House Routronia 287 PI

Age of Kings Saga 277 PI

Rindland was conquered by the Army of Eight Banners in 194 PI.

When Vatharond was formed in 160 PI, Vyknir was chosen as its seat of power.

Dark Empire

Erbärm is defeated by Elknor 112 PI

The dragontribes of the east had been warring with each other for thousands of years. When Elknor the Black began conquering the world, even the barbarians knew he must be stopped. Under the guidance of Freymund the Holy Skald, the united Vatharond nation battled Elknor’s unholy army, gaining victory when Freymund’s song caused holy water to fall from the clouds. Haldrak, son of Orman, is named the first Wyrmking of Vatharond. When Elknor is defeated for good, Vatharond joins the Allied Kingdoms.

In 5 PI, Elknor the Black sent his lieutenant, the vampire Death, to kidnap the elven princess Gwyn Tywysoges.

Age of Knowledge

Untergrund is re-united 7 NS

Neverport is founded 140 NS.

The Death of Jarizleifr the Wise 468 NS

Dvergraseri: In the spring of 520, due to an insult paid to the dwarven kaiser on his visit, the dwarves laid siege to the city for one night. Known as the Dvergraseri, the attack crippled the city and left 800 citizens dead.

Orcwars; 1009

The Legendary Adventures of Jurgin the Dragonslayer 1124

Fall of Síobadh Túr

A River Without Water Saga 1348 NS

Death and resurrection of Beornin Twice Born 1349

Fall of House vel'Drakonas

The Castle Blood Doom claims most members of House vel'Drakonas in 1358.

Rise of Praavda

After the death of Bjergen in 1367, the Order of Praavda began to spread into southern Vatharond.

The Severing War

Death of Bjergen King 1367

A River Without Water: The Supreme Ordeal 1368 NS

Ioan was crowned King of Vatharond in 1370.

Beginning of the Severing War 1372


Leading Noran supplier of coal, steel, iron, magnetite, sunflower oil, wheat, nuts, honey, amethyst, topaz, and emerald.

Also a major supplier of vegetables, milk, beef, gold, silver, mithril, platinum, titanium, nickle

There is a major sub-culture of beekeeping. The soil in Vatharond is considered to be the richest and most fertile in Nora, perhaps in the world.


The Terminian Coast

Rivers and Lakes



Redcap Eagle

The Seven Wonders of Vatharond

  • Verlorn Reaches swamps
  • Mountain
  • Cave
  • forests with lots of waterfalls
  • mountain
  • mountain
  • seven huge naturally formed pillars


The Sibbjatrakt

The official alliance between all dragontribes.

Monarchy and peerage

see list of Vathroni monarchs
see Vathroni peerage

Administrative divisions

Tollrand is considered a single duchy, ruled by the Duke of Tollrand.


Unlike Ilefain or Canstice, Vatharond does not retain a large standing army. It retains a feudal system of lords and conscripts.

The Royal Army of Vatharond is a small military force that serves as a standing army for the kingdom. The army usually numbers around 10,000 fighters.



Famous people


The Vathroni clan or sibbja (or ætter) is a social group based on common descent or on the formal acceptance into the group at a matterstead. A clan is bound by a treaty or oath, not primarily restricted to blood relations. The clan is a cognatic, extended family unit, analogous to the dwarven clans.

The average sibbja rarely contains more than 50 families.

Gaining most of the traditions of the dragontribes of old, the clan is the primary force of security in Vathroni society as the clansmen are obliged by honor to avenge one another. The Vathroni clan is not tied to a certain territory in the same way as a dwarven clan, where the clanfather owns the territory. The land of the Vathroni clan was owned by the individuals who had close neighbors from other clans. The name of the clan was derived from that of its ancestor, often with the addition of an -ling ending.

As the dragontribes gradually faded from prominence, the concept of the clan lost its relevance for urban commoner. However, rustic farmers, traditionalists as well as royalty and nobility, it remained in use as the name for line and dynasty.

Most noble families of southern Vatharond can trace their heritage back to the Blue Dragon Clan. Whereas many houses in the north are varied clans.

Notable clans include the royal Blue Dragon Tribe (Blåhemsking), the Red Eagle Clan (Rodornling), Stone Hand Clan, Wastewalker Clan, Ghost Lion Clan, Three Rivers Clan, and the Black Rock Clan (Sortgyngling).






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