Varthalla Islands

The Varthalla Islands is an archipelago in the Forge Sound between Tir'Ein and Vatharond.

The Varthalla Islands have been a self-governing county within the Vathroni Kingomd. The Varthallans have control of most domestic matters; areas that remain the responsibility of Vatharond include military defence, police, justice, currency and foreign affairs.

The islands were associated with and taxed by Midgard, then a strong of rising and falling kingdoms, and finally, Vatharond.


Mythical origins

Legend speaks that when the god Ornus bled on Aednas, the drops formed the Varthalla Islands and gave form to the invincible steel found deep within.

Woad the Conqueror

Joining Vatharond


Relationship with Midgard


Flora and fauna


Varthallan Steel

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