Vampires are undead beings who subsist by feeding of the life essence of living creatures.



When Malym stole the children of the Walkers and created from them unlife, a cloud of malevolence and gluttony came forth. When it fed on others, they rose again as vampires to always thirst for blood.

While it is unknown what became of the evil cloud, the first vampires spread their evil throughout the land until the halfling Skullclan fought them back into the darkness.

Now, vampires are feared, though rarely encountered. When they are seen, however, they are usually in a place of power for they always seek to become more than they are.

Eaters of Ash

The ashen-path gladly takes any vampire into its ranks, and its first lieutenant, Malign Lichter, is said to be a vampire of immense power. When a vampire enters the ranks of the Eaters, they bestow upon him an anrecht; a name befitting of the fearsomeness of the vampire.

Sample existing anrechts are: Ail, Carcass, Death, Solemn Sorrow.

Cobiasco Vampire

Cobiasco vampires feed on the blood of lycanthropes, mostly werewolves, rather than humans. Cobiasco vampires do not give off a scent.

The blood of werewolves is referred to as the "Omna Lupe" and is difficult to find.

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