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Aliases ?
Size Large Towns
Location Vatharond
Ruler ?
Population 3,700
Exports ?


Mt. Leshal University with Transmutationist Professor Sojal Irge.

large dwarven population; home to four clans; Klann Zweiblum, Klann Liebeschwan, Klann Dreistiele and Klann Glyzinien
Food Production
Main square, with main buildings arranged like horseshoe.
massive cathedral dominating the skyline (the tallest cathedral in Vatharond)
monument to deva genocide committed by the Enlightened
monument to a famous massacre of wizards and scholars by the Enlightened
massive statue of regional culture hero who overthrew the Enlightened
hosted a famous council to discuss the Matter of Vatharond
enchanted forest nearby
population of Reshags
Education center and scientific thought; artificing; also the University is a leading center of astronomy and lore of the planets.
Home to a genius airship designer.
Airship moor.
famous circus
deva population
notable bridge
A lesser chapel to the Holy Skald
Statue to Jarizleifr the Wise, a famous Vathroni King and Wizard c340 NS

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