Valligan Hall
Valligan Hall

Valligan Hall in White City is a large country house and the primary residence to the House of Valligan in Ilefain. Valligan Hall is in the center of White City, built on top of the site of Castle Blanc.

Valligan Hall is a conspicuous statement of the wealth and power of the House of Valligan, who was one of the richest families in Ilefain. It was one of the first Fainish houses where the great hall was built on an axis through the center of the house rather than at right angles to the entrance. Each of the three main stories is higher than the one below, and a grand, winding, stone staircase leads up to a suite of state rooms on the second floor, which includes one of the largest long galleries in any Fainish house and a little-altered, tapestry-hung great chamber with a spectacular plaster frieze of hunting scenes. The windows are exceptionally large and numerous for the 16th century and were a powerful statement of wealth at a time when glass was a luxury, leading to the saying, "Valligan Hall, more glass than wall" (or, in another version, "more window than wall").

Valligan Hall contains a large collection of embroideries, mostly dating from the late 7th century, many of which are listed in the 701 inventory.

It has a fine garden, including herbaceous borders, a vegetable and herb garden, and an orchard.

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