A valkyrie (Giant: valkyrja) is an outsider who serve Ornus by scouring the battlefields of the Material Plane for warriors of great prowess and legendary renown. With a glance, a valkyrie can tell who is near death and ready to give up life and who fights on to live another day, and can either claim the soul of the slain or aid the living to continue the fight. If the valkyrie claims the hero, she takes them to Mt. Xepher to become Einherjar, chosen of Ornus.

Valkyries are always female, and appear as strong and beautiful human, dwarven, or elven women. A human valkyrie is 6 feet tall and weighs close to 200 pounds. Although capable combatants in their own right, valkyries are almost always encountered mounted, typically on flying steeds such as dragon horses, pegasi, or sleipnirs.

Valkyries sometimes fall in love with heroes and other mortals, though they are forbidden to do so. They are often accompanied by ravens, signs of Damien's approval of Ornus ferrying certain dead souls.

Mortals in societies that glorify battle often make sacrifices to them;

Every summer in which men offer to them,
at the holy place,
no pestilence so great shall come to the sons of men,
but they will free each from peril.

Notable Valkyries

There are sixteen valkyries in total.

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