Valentina Geras
Valentina Geras
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Quatermass, Vatharond
Date of Birth ?
Home Quatermass, Vatharond
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color D. Brown
Eye Color Green
Family Information
Family Members ?
Occupation Sellsword
Loyalty ?

Valentina Geras is a human troubleshooter working in Quatermass. She met Arael Wynne at a low time in her life and has been grateful for his help ever since.

She’s worked for several guilds and mercantile interests, sometimes as a caravan guard but more often as a city guide and bodyguard for visiting merchants and business partners that the guilds want to keep out of trouble with local thugs or the shadow beasts that patrol the streets at night. Valentina has a reputation of being a bit rash (for example, she recently dragged her charge half-dressed out of a whorehouse when he refused to head back to a safer part of town before sundown) but quite trustworthy.


Having lived her entire life in Quatermass’s oppressive streets, Valentina was often depressed and moody, and tended to avoid making long-term friendships—at least until she met the half-elf Arael, a devotee of the Church of Light who came upon Valentina at a low point in her life and offered her a long-term position at his side as a consultant and adviser. Arael has grand plans to bring honor and tradition back to Dhaencairn, and particularly to Quatermass. As a cleric of the Church, he has long regretted how Dhaencairn fell from Kira’s teachings to the infernal, and wants nothing more than to see a reversal of that fate. Arael recognized in Valentina the value of having a native Khaermasi on his side—her knowledge of the city’s layout made her an ideal choice for a “second-in-command” to aid him in his goal.

Appearance and Mannerisms

Valentina is an attractive woman who downplays her beauty by wearing rough clothing and armor and adopting a generally stern and no-nonsense attitude. Yet when she feels truly at ease with someone she calls a friend, her smile, sense of humor, and quick wit reveal her to be quite a charming and friendly woman. She’s known Arael for almost a year now, and has come to think of him as an older brother, and while she respects him greatly and approves of his dream to see Dhaencairn fall under the guidance of the Church, her own faith in Tala Errin has often resulted in lingering arguments about when it is appropriate to toss aside the law of the land in order to ensure the freedom and safety of the citizens.

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