Vale of Winter

The Vale of Long Night and the Fortress of Frozen Tears—Fearful names for fearful places. The Vale is the Prince of Frost’s domain. Embittered by a lost love from long ago, the Prince of Frost’s heart is frozen, and until it thaws his region will lie dormant under a blanket of eternal winter. Eladrin dedicated to the Prince of Frost are fiercely loyal, and they are likely just as bitter as their cold Lord.

Beneath the oppressive snowfalls that drown the land in a crystal white ocean of winter, the Fortress of Frozen Tears rises from a high glacial spire like a jagged icicle. The constant glow of the ever-full moon shines down on frozen lakes, gnarled and barren orchards, and lonely, snow-covered mountains. The stars burn coldly overhead, as distant and pitiless as billions of icy snowflakes poised in the everlasting darkness, waiting to descend.

Long ago, the Summer Prince who lived here lost his heart to one of the fair Daughters of Delight. She betrayed him for the love of a mortal hero, escaping to a time and place beyond his reach. As a result, the prince’s heart turned to solid ice, and his demesne became a desolate realm of frozen night, the least hospitable land on the surface of the Feywild. Only the winter fey feel at home here, although they do not share the intense spite exhibited by the Prince of Frost.

If you hail from the Vale of Long Night, your existence constitutes little beyond grim survival in the endless moonlight. You spend your days hunting the hardy game animals that feed on tundra moss and grass, making clothes of their hides and tools of their bones; the realm has precious few resources, and even fewer crops grow in this area. Winter fey sculpt the snow to make ice castles, hags take flight across the frosty skies, and winter nymphs ride on the backs of wolves, howling across the tundra in search of prey.

However you came to be here, your survival depends on your wit, strength, endurance, and capacity to make uncompromising choices. The indecisive are extinguished as quickly as candle flames in the winter wind. In this land, emotions are flaws to be manipulated, and the weak fall quickly to stronger predators.

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