Utthilda Streitaxt
Utthilda Streitaxt
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth 998 NS
Date of Death
1374 NS (376 years old)
Home Eisenstadt
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) Kaiser
Physical Description
Race Dwarf
Gender Female, then Male
Hair Color ?
Eye Color ?
Family Information
House / Clan Klann Streitaxt
Family Members Kjerkin Streitaxt (father)
Kornelius Streitaxt (uncle
Ulgarda Streitaxt (sister)
Haralda Engel (wife)
Bekin Streitaxt (son)
Cunegrund Streitaxt
Blitekin Streitaxt (daughter)
Urzsula the Good (daughter)
Theutlich Streitaxt (son)
Occupation Kaiser of Untergrund
Loyalty Untergrund
Church of Light
Klann Streitaxt

Utthilda Streitaxt was the Kaiser of Untergrund from 1258 to 1374 NS. Utthilda was the first born daughter of Kjerkin Streitaxt. It was decided by the Majorat that the rightful heir of the crown was her uncle, Kornelius Streitaxt. Utthilda argued with the Majorat and journeyed to show her worth as an adventurer. When Utthilda returned, it was as a man. Kaiser Kjerkin pressured the majorat to redo the vote and the heir was re-declared as Utthilda.

While the first years of his rule was troubled by great opposition, Utthilda had proven himself a great and wise kaiser. He was a devout member of the Church of Light. He oversaw many diplomatic successes and brought increased unity between the clans. He is often called the Great Unifier (Grosseiniger). He lead many initiatives to further relation between Untergrund and Vatharond. He officially backed Vatharond's declaration of independence. He consolidated the political power of Eisenstadt by moving central banking to the city as well as never holding Majorat in another city, forcing all attendees to always travel to Eisenstadt. He also greatly expanded funding for artistic carving and monument creation. Spreading artistic stonework both above and below ground.

He is remembered as one of Untergrund's greatest kaisers. He was married to Haralda Engel until her death in 1357 and had five children. Utthilda died in 1374 NS and was succeeded by his eldest son, Bekin Streitaxt.


Early life


Troubled early rule

Revered later rule and death

Appearance and personality

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