Deunym Uralite
Home Realm Harvollen
Portfolio Seas, travel
trade, sailing, fish,
Worshipers Travelers, merchants,
sailors, fishermen, weavers
Notable Temples Ras Shamra,
Fairport, Abdina,
Coboguara, Flute
Colors ?
Exarchs Merfolk king, sea spider,
deep sea dragon,
sea serpent of chaos

Urala is one of the ingredori or twelve gods. She is the patron of the seas, merchants, sailors, travelers, fishermen and weavers. She along with Kalabrath, Tala Errin and Ornus form the elemental gods. She is usually accompanied by sea turtles and jellyfish.

She once tried to seduce Dhanni, but after a disastrous confrontation, they have now become enemies. Urala also once tried to seek the affection of Kira and failed.

Ornus and Urala have a close relationship. Together they create islands in the sea. It is said that on one of these islands, Urala created the first medusas.

Urala is also a prophetic deity, able to see into the distant past. Others are able to do this by knowing how to look properly into her waters.

At the end of the year, priests of Urala and Verai Songbird band together to give blessings and prophecy to their faithful.

She is usually portrayed as a youthful girl with blue hair and eyes. Water sometimes flows from her bosom.





Exarchs and Servants


  • Sorshet; female, companion bronze dragon, sexual lover of sea creatures, alternate form of hippocampus, wields watery longsword (good)
  • Baraona; female, luminous dress, aspect of night and moon, mother, maiden, crone aspects, has holy city in Harvollen, prophetic, can bestow gift of prophecy on others, companion is water elemental stag (Knowledge)
  • The Gate Ancient; protector from aberrations, ancient being, may be an old one, takes the form of genius loci, usually cities or mountains, may take the form of ancient gate to take worshipers to locales far and marvelous (travel)
  • Gizamaluke (Water)
  • Nautica; female with lantern, sometimes nude, accompanied by rain, may take the form of colossal multi headed rain dragon (Weather)


Proxy; a Cetaceal cleric

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