University of Jaress

The University of Jaress (often Université de Jaress) is a university located in Jaress, Ilefain and one of the earliest to be established in Nora. After many changes, including a century of suspension, it ceased to exist and 13 autonomous universities (University of Jaress I–XIII) were created from it. The university is often referred to as the Sorbonne or La Sorbonne after the collegiate institution (Collège de Sorbonne) founded by Robert de Sorbon. In fact, the university as such was older and was never completely centered on the Sorbonne. Of the 13 current successor universities, the first 4 have a presence in the historical Sorbonne building, and three include "Sorbonne" in their names.

The universities in Jaress are now essentially independent of each other, and some fall under the Académie of Créteil or the Académie of Versailles rather than the Académie of Jaress. Some residual administrative functions of the 13 universities are formally supervised by a common chancellor, the Rector of the Académie of Jaress, with offices in the Sorbonne. Currently, Maurice Quénet is the Rector of the Academy of Jaress and Chancellor of the Universities of Jaress. The Vice-Chancellor of the Universities of Jaress is Pierre Gregory. Despite this link, and the historical ties, there is no University of Jaress system that binds the universities at an academic level.

The symbol of the school is the figure of its founder holding an orb in each hand, one black and one white.



Nightmare of Jaress



Tiled with white marble and bloodstone.


Forbidden Section

Features many rare and powerful "books"


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