The Archmages Saga: Universal

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The Archmages Saga: Universal begins in the city of Jaress at the height of the summer of 1374.

Urban Decay

Felix Richter often spent his nights as a fence for black market magic items that the Black Mages refused to sell. One of his regular buyers, Sevin the Skulk, did not show up at the appointed time, an unusual occurrence as he and his pocket watch were very demanding. Richter decided to look for him in the rat's nest where he lived, but the rest of the nodders reported he had been missing for the whole day. During this time, Richter noticed the Row was especially unkempt, with piles of garbage stacked high and roaming packs of rats moving through the streets.

Richter checked the Garbage Picker's guild, where Sevin worked, but saw that it had been boarded up. While on the trail, Richter met the young Leoric Orthalis, a destinied youth with deep eyes, they spoke and saw their goals were the same. Thier investigations eventually lead them to the Spit and in front of the Rat Catcher's Guildhouse. Once there, they spoke with the two rat catchers on duty that night. They told the two investigators about the local gangs pressuring them to lay off and of the new recruit, Beila. At this time, several others entered the guildhouse, the barbarian Caw, the dragonborn Cerise Mirrorscale and the gnome thief Tik. Mistaking the newcomers with members of the gangs, the rat catchers began to plead for their lives, but were calmed when they found out the truth. One of the catchers went to the back to fetch their boss and found that he was missing. After a look around, a blood stain was discovered. Also discovered was a privy hole just big enough for a human to fit through.

Richter, Caw, Tik and Cerise decided to investigate the sewers, Richter finding a nearby access with ease. The sewers were overflowing and they were soon wading in filth. Caw vomited and grew sick. Cerise saw a flash of sheen steel in the low light of the sewers, and turned to see two others; Dame Meredith and Sir Jorlan. The two paladins had been sent to investigate the problems in the Row. Meredith took the opportunity to remove Caw's sickness and they all decided to move together.

Soon, the came near a door to a sewer workstation located near the Rat Catcher's Guildhouse. Cerise went to the door, but a flock of wild pigeons flew out and harried the group, but was quickly disposed of with a breath of acid from Cerise. Sir Jorlan knocked the door down with his shield and they all spied a homely woman standing in front of several animal cages, full of barking, mewling captured creatures. Leoric approached and attempted to speak with the woman, but she hissed and transformed into a wererat, shattering the table in the middle of the room.

Fight with beila; arrest to the cathedral

Search for the Needles

Fight with the needles and Vernon

Richter and Dweller


Fall of the University of Jaress

Meet up at the university

Mr Corlain and the professor

The Mordenkainen

Fight with stalkers

wood golem

Prof. d'Roux and Ardain

homunculous and key to the ice

downstairs, blood prints, black tentacles


Gray render

auditorium and the sacks of loot

Prof. Brown and the discovery of Khonnon the loumara.

Meredith runs after the demon

Several evil auras

Orthalis gives chase and runs into a grimlock, it is sucked into time.

Orthalis blocks door.

Jorlan fights barghest

Meredith fights xills

Investigate library

Richter remembers teacher friend, reason why he left. Necromancy specialist.

Library full of dead bodies. Master Librarian is dead.

No books on loumara, Richter unlocks door to forbidden section.

Many books. Richter reads black scroll. Cerise reads BoED.

They decide to go back to headmaster's quarters and rest.

Grey render zombie; richter gains control

Ogre zombies and fight with drow

speak with dead

Orthalis and the Idol

see other classrooms

go into cellar; half go to vault and other half to pool

At the cellar door, Otiluke fights them

At the pool, Caw becomes dominated and fights Cerise.

Caw is removed from time and then held

Otiluke is defeated and the demon is swallowed by Meredith

Aboleth is defeated.

Lower defenses and Mordenkainen checks Vault. Orb of Darkness and Gold Dragon Orb.

Richter is given the Deck

Accolades from the Mayor

Scene with Dijanzi

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