A River Without Water: Unification

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A River Without Water: Unification is the last saga of the River Without Water series. It occurs after A River Without Water: The Supreme Ordeal. Set in the fall of 1376 NS.

Some Say That Ravens Foster Forlorn Children

The four wake up, weakened, but alive and in a forest.
Rani recognizes Grosseben Wood.
Merri is freaked out.
They hear the voice of a young girl, saying "Mommy, they're awake!" as little feet run off.
They attempt to roll off their stone slabs and some fall to the ground.
Bianca and Tiranda run up, dressed as peasants, and tell the three young children to help the fallen heroes.
They walk back to the nearby cabin, once owned by Bors, and set the four of them down and fetch them stew.
Tiranda and Biance explain the passing of eight years, the winning of the order of Praavda and the existence of Sangar's, Merrium's and Ranita's children; A'lia, Reika and Heiland.
They also reveal the children are (collectively) the Firebringer.
Merri asks where their stuff is. Its buried out back. Leo and Bianca go to fetch it.
Sangar and Tiranda talk about their girl.
Rani goes off by a river and sulks because she missed her children's childhood.
She is visited by an image of Rusalka who tells her not to worry, her children have been there watching her, listening to Bianca tell stories of her and they are proud of her. Rusalka is too. She invites Rani to visit her in the Coral Castle under the lake.
Everyone gathers their things.
They all come back together and Rani says they should travel to the lake.
Tiranda says she has agents in Ackerburg that she needs to report to, so she will join them.
Leo, however, announces his desire to leave.

An Angler in the Lake of Darkness

Tiranda tells them weapons are illegal, so they disguise them one way or another.
Leo decides to join them as far as the Lake Cave.
They travel south and when Ackerburg comes into sight, Tiranda leaves and says she will meet them at the Lake Cave that night.
Leo goes to the cave and Rani, Merri, Sangar, A'lia, Heiland and Reika go to the lakeshore near the Stone of Vodyanoy.
Rani finds that the spear of air pushes the water back and allows them to travel under the lake and still breathe.
They travel to the coral castle, but are accosted by guards who tell them they are foolish if they think they can bring a bubble of air into their kingdom and live. The guards take them to the King of the Lake.
There, in the throneroom, sat King Vodyanoy and his queen.
The king raves about their impudence and that they shall be put to death. The queen hushes him and tells the surface dwellers that they are instead honored guests.
Rani introduces herself.
The King is angered again and threatens to have her executed as she is the offspring of that surface dweller that stole away his favorite daughter.
The queen again calms him down and he begins weeping because he loves his daughter so.
Rani swims up to him and hugs him and gives him a kiss on the cheek.
King Vodyanoy can see she has his daughter's eyes and decides to let them live and treat them as honored guests.
They pull out tables and the seven daughters of King Vodyanoy come out and sing for the guests. They then leave.
The King declares a game will be played and while it is being set up, the guests will be shown to their rooms.
There, Rusalka visits them and once again tells Rani how proud she is of her. She tells her that she has been watching her all her life from the rivers and lakes of the land.
She also tells them of a mysterious castle to the south that has become magically active of late. She warns them that the castle is guarded by a water demon, the Nykus.
She helps them escape, for the "honored guests" of the King are never permitted to leave.
They travel to the castle and see the great doors have a seal of a phoenix on them. The kids go to the door and join hands.
The door opens, but the Nykus shows up and screams "Riverstone!"
They defeat the demon and it is revealed that the demon in Anders Zolmir who died drowing in the lake during a duel with Bors.
The inside is filled with air.
While inside, the kids say the Nest is over here.
What nest?
The kids lead the way and soon come to an ornate, if ill repaired grand hall. There is a nest.
The kids say the feather is missing and they want to know where.
They join hands and a vision is had.
The Eternal Phoenix lived in the Castle Rebirth, floating in the sky.
It was about to be reborn when the castle rumbled as if an explosion hit and the phoenix, scared ran from the castle, leaving a feather.
The phoenix burned up in air and is unable to reform unless the feather touches its ashes.
The feather is blown out the window and floats on the air until it reaches Begireg Towers and it is found by the Prince.
After the towers are saved by Malagar the prince leaves the feather for a young Rani on a tombstone. She takes it.
The next day a stranger asks to see the feather.
Soon, the village is under attack and Rani runs away with Anton, who is killed by the Devils. The feather drops out of Rani's pack and Azazello picks it up, decides its nothing and vaporizes it.
The kids say the only way to get the feather restored is to speak with the fairy-people.
Merrium suggests going to Siobadh Tur and traveling to the Twilithe and speaking with the fairy queen.
They come out of the lake and go to the cave where Leo and Tiranda are talking.
Leo reaffirms he is heading east to go back to his roots as he doesn't see any reason for him to stay. "My job is over."
Rani is mad at him.

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