Ugrata Bhadra

Ugrata Bhadra is currently the capital city of Reshaga. For generations the city had been fought over by Singha and Lakshmana. Ugrata Bhadra was declared the new capital after the fall of Utpadakapur.

The continuing conflicts between Singha and Lakshmana ended with the unlikely alliance between the two maharajahs. The wars between the two lands ended and after the destruction of Utpadakapur, Ugrata Bhadra was made the new royal capital.

Now that is has become the capital, Ugrata Bhadra is growing faster than any other city in Reshaga despite some setbacks, most notably the Fires of Ugrata Bhadra. In a few more years the capital will be the same size as Utpadakapur was. The Royal Families were the first to establish estates, but the noble families and lesser castes soon followed.

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