The Twilithe (elven, tylwyth), also referred to as the Feywild or the Twilight Realm, is one of twelve realms known to Nora. The Twilithe is a realm of natural beauty with a multitude of thriving environments. Much of the realm is dominated by vast tall forests, but also includes glades of wildflowers and fields of grain. As a realm that also embodies change, it has a wild and often sudden nature. The weather can change drastically at short notice, changing from warm sunshine to raging winds and back again in just a few minutes.

It is a place of uninhibited love, art and expression.

The eladrins, powerful elf-like celestial creatures are the protectors of the Twilithe. Many types of celestial and anarchic versions of common animals, natural creatures suffused with tendencies of good or chaos, are found in the Twilithe.


The chosen are the petitioners who make their way to the bucolic plane of the Twilithe. There they enjoy countless pleasures and take on forms which resemble idealized versions of their mortal bodies. Those who greatly please Dhanni have the opportunity of being transformed into azata.

Lands and Regions

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