Twelve Holy Books

The Twelve Holy Books are religious texts held sacred by many different churches of the Twelve Gods. Each book is said to have been written by one of the Higher Gods and is kept in that god's realm. Although they are called 'books', most of the original texts were not written in bound codices; the Lyfir Otren (Book of Trees) is found on the living wood of trees in Hefyth Forest.

The most common Holy Book is the Terrem Libris (Book of Earth) written by the hand of Ornus. It is from this book that the creation and nature of the world and planes is most plainly spoken of, whereas metaphor and generalization is common in other books.

Even though they are collectively known as the Twelve Holy Books, legend speaks of three other books, though the existence of these extra texts are highly disputed. The Ish Klav (Book of Life) was supposedly found by Khoun Siffith in 1348. The Books of Dragons and Book of Time are considered myth at best.

The known Holy Books are:

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